Invitation Letter

Dear participants,

I am delighted to announce the third International Congress on Landscape Architecture Research (ICLAR) which will be held on 23-24 August 2021. .

Landscapes are defined as the places where all our living activities take place, in other words, they are our living spaces. Our physical and mental health as well as social and cultural development are directly related to the quality of the landscapes. Landscapes improve the quality of life with its aesthetic, environmental, physical, psychological, socio-cultural and economic benefits and play an important role in the development of healthy societies.Sustainability of landscapes can be achieved through planning, design, protection, repair, and management studies. One of the most important professions involved in this study area is landscape architecture.

This congress is an international conference where academicians come together to share information.

The main objectives of the congress of ICLAR 2021 are to monitor academic studies in landscape architecture, to share research results, and to evaluate new researches. Another goal in the Congress is to create an environment where researchers come together to discuss issues, exchange ideas, and emphasize the importance of professional and inter-professional cooperation. The collaboration and cooperation among the academicians and experts in the field is very important for the landscape architectural profession, which has been trying to institutionalize for the protection and development of natural and cultural resources. In ICLAR 2021 congress,

Thank you for your participation and support for the ICLAR 2021 congress.

Yours sincerely,

Chair of the Conference

The third International Congress on Landscape Architecture Research (ICLAR)


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